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Who are the key players in Packers vs. Cowboys?

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Who are the key players in Packers vs. Cowboys?

I know it’s early and the offense is learning still but with the injury to Williams and the lack of a run game so far would you think that Gute is taking a look at Jay Ajayi

I have no idea what the personnel department is exploring, but generally moves are made on Tuesdays so any new players can be on the practice field for the first main workout of the week on Wednesdays, and the Packers only made a practice-squad move this week so far. So I don’t expect any major roster changes at this point.

Dak has killed the Pack using his legs, who is going to stop that?

The edge rushers have to pressure under control to keep him in the pocket, but Prescott is not as difficult to sack as a QB like Wentz. At least history would say that. Prescott can make plays with his legs, but you build the defensive plan more around stopping the run, which the Packers have struggled with lately.

Does Randall Cobb’s familiarity with the Green Bay defensive backs give him an advantage or vice versa?

I don’t think so. Maybe if he’s matched up with Tramon Williams, because they’re both such veteran players, but that familiarity thing cuts both ways.

Should Vontaze Burfict be allowed to play football again? I know he is suspended for the rest of 2019 but at what point is enough enough?

Great question. As I said in Inbox this morning, it’s as much on the GMs and coaches who keep giving him opportunities to play.

Any time frame on Adams return?

No, and I don’t expect to get one. I’m looking at it as a week-to-week proposition, absent a meaningful update.

What is the status on Kevin King so far? I hate to see him go down he and Jaire Alexander make a formidable pair on the outside

I said all offseason when you look at 2018, the Packers’ defense was a different unit the few times Alexander and King were on the field together. Those two staying healthy and playing regularly is a big key for this defense to play its best, in my view. They provide so much in terms of coverage and opportunities for Pettine to mix and match elsewhere.

Who is your player to watch for the packers and player to watch out for on the cowboys?

The key players for the Packers in this game, to me, are Aaron Jones on offense and Kenny Clark on defense. For the Cowboys, aside from Zeke, I’d say beware of Jason Witten. On defense, it’s DeMarcus Lawrence if Bulaga can’t go.

Is it likely that Oren Burks could play against Dallas? I think that would improve the ability to stop the run and stop Dak from scrambling.

With Burks missing about 7 weeks, I have a hard time believing he’ll be ready to play with just one week of practice. I think there’s going to be a progression to get him set to go.

Stopping the run on consistent basis requires two middle linebackers.

Generally speaking, yes, but that’s all part of the chess game. Two traditional inside LBs can provide a matchup problem in the passing game the offense might want to attack. If the D-linemen up front are holding their ground and the second level players are handling their gap assignments properly, a defensive coordinator has more flexibility.

We stayed pretty healthy up until the eagles game is this more of a case of 4 games in or the quick turnaround from the broncos game? In your opinion

I don’t think it’s just a coincidence the Packers have been dealt their first run of injuries this year coming off a Thursday night game. Doesn’t surprise me at all.

It seems likely Clark will get doubled like vs. philly. Who’ll need to step up in that case?

Lowry and Lancaster. I’m not sure what Adams’ status will be up front, but if Clark is getting doubled, it’s up to the guys getting single-blocked to hold their own. That’s easier said than done against the Dallas offensive line. Frederick, Martin, Collins all among the best even with Smith out.

Other than Packers/Cowboys, what is a matchup this weekend that interests you?

Rams at Seattle on Thursday night should be interesting. Also, Vikings travel to the Giants, who have been rejuvenated by their rookie QB, while Minnesota is already 0-2 on the road.

Is it time for Big Bob Tonyan to emerge this week?

It’s time for anybody if Adams can’t go. We’ve seen Tonyan’s potential and there’s a good chance he gets some opportunities.

An effective negotiating point for the players on the new CBA. Drop all exhibition games, move all Thursday games to Sunday and Monday in return for adding Game 17.

The ratings for Thursday night and the mega TV contract the league got from FOX for Thursday night games over the next several years tell us those games aren’t going anywhere.

Do you think coaches are more likely to challenge PI calls with the uncertainty regarding “clear and obvious” or more likely?

I assume you meant less likely to be one of your choices, and that’s what I would choose. I think we’ll see fewer PI challenges in the first three quarters of games unless it’s something really egregious, because the clear tendency now is for the calls on the field to stand. If there’s a big play in the fourth quarter and a coach feels he has to have them look at it, he’s still going to throw the flag, though.

The news on fines and other discipline usually comes out on Fridays. Just because the Packers’ game last week was on a Thursday doesn’t change that timeline.

How did Thursday get decided for a mid-week game? To me, it makes much more sense to have the game on Friday. It gives players one extra day of rest, more fans would be out in the sports bars purchasing alcohol & food and it would likely mean only one day off of work for those going to the game out of town. To me, it’s a no-brainer.

I think the NFL is leaving Friday nights for high school football, as it should be. The league also doesn’t schedule Saturday games until late in the year when the college season is in the pre-bowl period.

I think TOP and getting off the field on 3rd down will play a large part in stopping Zeke from bouncing back this week. Do you see more run blitz calls from Pettine to pack the box this week?

You’d like to be able to stop the run without run blitzes, but any play-caller just has to see how the game is going to unfold.

Who’s your horse now that the Brewers’ season is over? The Braves have some history in Wisconsin, plus they’re pretty exciting to watch

I felt at the trading deadline when the Astros got Greinke it was all but a done deal they’d win it all again. But you never know. It seems like it should be the Dodgers’ turn with how good they’ve been the last several years, but never winning a title.

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