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What to do about the Dallas Cowboys backup…

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What to do about the Dallas Cowboys backup...

The Dallas Cowboys front office along with all their fans saw the dreaded quarterback play against the Niners. How can this improve moving forward?

The Dallas Cowboys have been faced with more contract negotiations as the recent reports have come shown that quarterback Dak Prescott has turned down an offer in the $30 million a year range.

Although almost everyone seems to agree that Prescott is not a top-10 NFL quarterback as of now, backups Cooper Rush and Mike White make Dak look like the greatest to ever lace them up.

Rush went 16 of 26 for 142 yards in his first action of the 2019 preseason. He failed to throw a touchdown pass as well, making it now four consecutive preseason games without one.

Rush was playing against almost all backups and still did not impress a single person. Personally, I believe Rush is still employed as a Cowboy because of the success he had his rookie preseason. Since then, he has done next to nothing.

After Rush, we saw Mike White take the field for his second career preseason. After a so-so rookie preseason, White looked to turn his fortune on the field and claim the job as the backup quarterback.

White did just the opposite going 9 of 20 for 87 yards in San Francisco. White could have possibly gone from potential backup quarterback to now having a job in jeopardy.

What should Dallas do? We have seen in the past how a backup quarterback can ruin a season (2015) and how a backup quarterback can bring Super Bowl hopes (2016).

As of now, if Prescott goes down, we might as take the headset of new offensive coordinator Kellen Moore and put him under center as a former quarterback himself.

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Personally, I think the Dallas Cowboys should start to bring in as many options as possible. Cooper Rush is not terrible, but he is not going to win any games in this league by any means. Let us know what the Cowboys should do in the comments below!


What to do about the Dallas Cowboys backup quarterbacks

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