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What needs to be fixed moving forward?

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What needs to be fixed moving forward?

The Dallas Cowboys are now 3-0 for the first time since 2008. The wins are great, but let us look at what needs to be fixed moving forward.

After the Dallas Cowboys‘ 31-6 victory over the Miami Dolphins, they have now moved to 3-0 for the first time since 2008. While winning makes everything seem okay, the Cowboys are struggling in a few areas.

For the third straight week, the Cowboys, on both sides of the ball have come out of the gates slow. In Week 1 versus the Giants, it took only one series to get the boys going. In Week 2, it took almost a quarter in and a half to get the Cowboys playing the way they are accustomed too, and on Sunday against the Dolphins, it took the entire half.

As the Cowboys have learned, you can get away with these kinds of things against sub-par teams. But as the schedule gets harder, this Cowboys team will begin to find themselves behind early in games.

Another aspect of the Cowboys that needs to be tightened up is the defensive side of the ball, especially the defensive line. The Hot Boyz have failed to create consistent pressure on opposing quarterbacks.

The return of defensive end Robert Quinn has made up for some of the injuries that have plagued the defensive line, but as a whole, they have been a disappointment.

This defense has not been terrible by any means, but the way we saw them play week in and week out last year is a completely different bunch than we have seen this year.

The final part of the Cowboys game that needs some fine-tuning is the penalties. The Dallas offense have had multiple touchdowns and other big plays wiped off the board due to holding, and as everyone knows, big plays are hard to come by especially against tougher defenses.

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On the bright side, the Dallas Cowboys are 3-0 and for the most part, have looked great. The best part about it? There is so much room for improvement. Onto New Orleans.

Dallas Cowboys: What needs to be fixed moving forward?

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