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What Jets fans are ignoring in wanting Adam Gase…

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What Jets fans are ignoring in wanting Adam Gase...

The easy thing to do is blame Adam Gase for the entire Jets mess and pretend that firing him will fix everything. I get it.

However, this is not all on Gase. The roster holes we all saw back in the spring have blown up on the Jets spectacularly this fall.

This is not excusing Gase’s performance. You can have bad coaching and a bad roster. They are not mutually exclusive. It is on him to make the Jets respectable, especially on offense. He has not done that.

It just feels like all of the focus is on Gase and none of it is on how poor this roster was to begin with and how there was no margin of error for injuries whatsoever. The Jets have lost some critical players and they did not have the depth to absorb that kind of hit.

Adam Gase
Adam GaseAP

Anyone who has ever watched football could tell you the Jets were deficient on the offensive line, at pass rusher and at cornerback. Yet, the Jets did very little to address those positions either in free agency or the draft. Now, you are seeing Sam Darnold get hit on nearly every throw, the opposing quarterback having enough time to pick apart the defense and find those wide-open receivers the Jets corners are not covering.

In an odd way, one of the worst things that has happened to Gase was the firing of general manager Mike Maccagnan in May. It has left Gase as the only target of Jets fans’ ire. If Maccagnan were still employed, fans would be as angry at him as they are with Gase. His failures in the draft and in roster building would be frontline issues.

Instead, Gase is getting all the blame. He deserves plenty, but even the best coach would struggle with what the Jets are running out there right now.

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