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Week 9 @ Baltimore Ravens

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Week 9 @ Baltimore Ravens

The undefeated New England Patriots will square off against the 5-2 Baltimore Ravens in a primetime matchup between two of the best teams in the NFL.

The 8-0 New England Patriots, led by their scary defense (ranked the top-five in the league) will have a tough test in containing second-year quarterback Lamar Jackson and Baltimore’s tough offense on Sunday night. The Ravens defense as a unit is nothing to sneeze at – although neither is the Patriots offense these days, despite being one of the higher-scoring units in the league at times.

All in all, this has the makings to be an instant classic and probably the best game in the 2019 season for the Patriots, given the injury to Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes and the uncertainty surrounding his effectiveness when he’ll eventually make his return.

As always, here is my 4 Downs preview for this Sunday night game between two of the best teams… not only in the AFC, but in the NFL as well.

New England Patriots 4 Downs Preview: Week 9 @ Baltimore Ravens

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