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Tom Brady opens up about balancing football and…

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Tom Brady opens up about balancing football and...

Tom Brady sent a message to the team last week, and talked about the sacrifices he makes to be great.

Tom Brady addressed the media on Friday leading up to the Patriots‘ game against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. In his press conference, he was asked out about a speech he gave to his teammates leading into the game against the Buffalo Bills last Sunday. He talked about the struggles of balancing having a family life outside of football and the sacrifices he’s had to make to continue playing at a high level and competing for Super Bowls year in and year out. He was trying to send the message that as the post season approaches, the team needs to treat every game with a sense of urgency. He wanted to emphasize how important it is to put in the work and time necessary to make legitimate playoff run. Brady was using his sacrifices with his family as an example of how important this is to him, and that’s how serious these guys need to take this.

Brady explained that a lot of younger players in the league don’t understand the sacrifice that goes into having a family while being a professional athlete, especially if you want to compete at the highest level. It is no secret that the Patriots have looked suspect at times and have a lot of doubt about their chances at making it back to the Super Bowl. Despite being 12-3 with one game remaining in the regular season and being poised to enter the playoffs with the number two seed in the AFC, the Patriots have a lot of question marks that still need to be answered.

Whatever his message was to the team on Sunday, the team responded. The Patriots’ offense, who has been the target of all of the questions surrounding the team, looked like a team that was ready for the playoffs. Now the question is, can that offensive production continue? The Patriots host the Dolphins on Sunday and even though the Dolphins have looked lackluster this season, New England has been susceptible to losing to the Dolphins at least once in recent years. Granted, those losses usually come when the Patriots have to travel to South Beach to play the Dolphins in Miami, but the Dolphins have improved since the teams last met back in September. In that last meeting, the Patriots dominated the Dolphins 43-0, but you can never write off division games.

The Dolphins are a team that runs a lot of trick plays and surprise onside kicks that can catch the Patriots off-guard if they are not on their toes. If the Patriots are able to handle their business against the Dolphins, they will secure the a first-round bye week in the playoffs with the number two seed in the AFC and are guaranteed at least one home game. But before we think about all of that, the Patriots need to take care of business against the Dolphins.


Tom Brady opens up about balancing football and family

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