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Three Big Things: #DETvsAZ

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Three Big Things: #DETvsAZ

The three biggest things to watch for Sunday when the Cardinals play the Lions at State Farm Stadium:

Kyler/Kliff Combo Commences

This is what the 2019 season boils down to, in so many ways. What Kyler Murray does at quarterback for the Cardinals, and what Kliff Kingsbury does not only calling plays and orchestrating the offense, but also how he leads the team in his first season. The story won’t be completely written after 60 minutes against the Lions, but it isn’t as if Murray and Kingsbury aren’t anxious to get into a game that counts, and play offense like it counts. How the Lions deal with Murray will be intriguing. It’s hard to believe, even with some ups and downs, that Murray won’t have at least pockets of success in Week One. How Kingsbury organizes things to allow Murray to do it is the other part of the story.


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