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The Tom Brady saga created by the media

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The Tom Brady saga created by the media

Who else is tired of the ridiculous saga created by the media around New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his future?

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots have accomplished tremendous success over the last 20 years. The Pats have never had a losing season under Brady, and together they have accumulated 16 division titles, nine conference championship wins, six Super Bowl victories, and the list goes on and on.

As time has progressed, there has been more speculation as to when is the end for Tom Brady? I don’t know about the rest of Patriots Nation… but I for one am sick of it.

The way Brady has been playing in his forties has been amazing. He’s won Super Bowls, earned MVPs, and has even been one of the top 10 quarterbacks in QBR since he turned 40 years old (the last two seasons). He’s only sharpened his craft if anything… not weakened it. The entire NFL is witnessing pure greatness from Tom Brady and the Patriots; it’s astonishing to me that people are so eager to have it come to an end.

In more recent years, the media has done nothing but harass Brady and everyone close to him.

While the Patriots are poised for yet another postseason push to the Super Bowl, the media professionals are more concerned with Tom selling one of his houses, according to Business Insider’s Scott Davis. We have heard Max Kellerman make a career for himself over this so-called Tom Brady “cliff” on ESPN talk shows, ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter claims this will be Tom’s last season in New England (per CBS Boston’s Michael Hurley), and even Tom’s own wife, Gisele, has made it clear she’s ready for his retirement.

It seems like most people are ready for Brady to retire… but not Tom himself.

TB12 (the person, not the brand) has made it clear that he’ll retire when he “sucks” at playing football. Even at 42 years old, Brady is still playing at an elite level. Until he is finally ready to hang them up for good, I don’t think the media should be rushing the process; and frankly, it’s getting old. Just let the GOAT continue to do his thing, and just appreciate everything that comes from it. The consistency, intensity, and dedication that he has brought to the field for the last 20 years is simply incomparable.

I think what bothers people the most is the continuous success of the New England Patriots. Not just Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, but the Patriots as a team… which could be understandable if you look at things from the other side of the fence, but that’s the way sports work. The rest of the NFL teams are acting like poor sports, and ultimately they should try and catch up to the level of the Patriots, rather than hate and complain from afar.

If the rest of the league thinks the Patriots won’t be any good when Brady does retire, they are really going to be really surprised. As long as Bill Belichick is the captain of this ship, he’s going to be sailing to the final game of the year in February. Until anything changes, the media needs to calm down, take a step back, and let Tom finish out his final few years in peace.

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Brady said it best in his presser Friday afternoon, per the team’s official website: “Its part of being Tom Brady, I guess.”

Well said, Tom. Well said.

New England Patriots: The Tom Brady saga created by the media

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