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The most troubling part of Jets’ offensive line…

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The most troubling part of Jets' offensive line...

Jets offensive line coach Frank Pollack looks like he has not been sleeping much lately. Besides head coach Adam Gase, there may not be a coach with more pressure on him than Pollack after the Jets’ 0-3 start.

Pollack’s offensive line has struggled mightily in the first three games and, unlike some other areas on the Jets, is not going to be bolstered by players returning from injury.

Pollack just has to figure this out and get his players to play better. He believes he can do it.

“Absolutely,” Pollack said. “That’s my job to get it fixed.”

While the Jets players have the rest of the bye week off, the coaches will be doing self-scouting and studying the film to try to fix what ails this team. Pollack has seen his group allow 13 sacks and fail to open holes for a rushing game that is averaging 3.0 yards per carry.

“I would have liked to have it fixed three weeks ago,” Pollack said. “I don’t have a crystal ball but we’re grinding our asses off to have it fixed yesterday.”

The Jets could look at making lineup changes, but the backups may not be any better than the current starters. Changing players would also affect the chemistry the group is trying to develop. Communication has been a major issue for the line. Changing players may make that worse.

Ryan Kalil
Ryan KalilAP

“We’re considering anything and everything,” Pollack said. “We owe it to ourselves and this team and our group to look at everything that we can do differently to get the better results that we want.”

The line was hurt by getting very little work together in training camp. The starting five did not play one snap together in the preseason.

Center Ryan Kalil signed a week into training camp after he decided to end a brief retirement. He has been working to get back into form and has had his share of issues in the first three weeks. Pollack was not pointing the finger at him, though.

“Kalil’s a pro,” Pollack said. “He’s preparing the right way and doing great things. All of us as a unit have to get better. We’re the ultimate group in all of sports that’s judged as one unit and not individuals. We need to play like that, communicate like that and get better in those areas.”

The line could be helped by the expected return of starting quarterback Sam Darnold. The line has played with three different quarterbacks in three weeks. Luke Falk appeared to struggle with some protection calls in Sunday’s loss to the Patriots. Pollack dismissed the idea that the revolving door at quarterback has affected his group, but it sounded like he was just trying not to sound like he was criticizing the backup quarterbacks.

“That doesn’t affect us at all,” Pollack said. “The same five guys have got to keep working together and get better. It doesn’t matter who is behind us at quarterback. It doesn’t matter who is running the ball. None of that matters. It’s on us as a group. It’s on me as the coach, No. 1, to get us on the same page and play better.”

This is a huge week for Pollack to try to figure out how to get the offensive line moving in the right direction. The Jets are 32nd in total offense in the NFL and the line struggles have played a huge role. Le’Veon Bell keeps getting hit in the backfield and the quarterback has no time to throw downfield.

“Whatever the reason is, we’ve got to get it fixed and resolved. I’m looking forward,” Pollack said. “We’ve got to get it fixed. We’ve got to get better, use the bye to analyze where we can do things maybe a little differently, how we prepare, how I coach them moving forward and get it fixed.”

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