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Sunday is true test for Packers

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Sunday is true test for Packers

This is the second, and it came in the form of failure in all three phases for all four quarters. As such, Rodgers has “been watching the guys.”

“Kind of how you respond that day, that night, on the plane, Monday coming in, off day, and then coming in for Wednesday practice – what kind of energy are you bringing?” Rodgers said. “Are you able to push past it, but also have a resolute determination to improve? Or are you kind of playing the victim role all week?

“I feel like we’re bouncing back and moving on.”

As the old saying goes, the proof will be in the pudding.

The “X” factor in this game could be the weather. It’s colder than normal for the second week of November. With temps likely dropping into the 20s by halftime as the sun goes down, this will be the Packers’ first cold-weather game of the season. It’s also probably the first cold-weather game in the life of Panthers rookie QB Kyle Allen, who is from Arizona and played his college ball in Houston.

There’s likely going to be a play or a bounce (or two) that will be weather-related, and if the Packers can get Allen feeling as uncomfortable in the pocket as he may be with the elements, all the better.

But the chill won’t win this game for the Packers, no different than the chatter. Neither will stop MVP candidate Christian McCaffrey on defense nor get Rodgers and Co. in a rhythm on offense.

26-11, 442 yards to 184, 24 first downs to 13, eight plays of 15-plus yards to one, 35:51 to 24:09. The only way for the Packers to really put those numbers behind them is to make them an anomaly, not representative of anything more.

“This is important for us to get back on track,” Rodgers said. “We can set ourself up to be in position to play some really meaningful games in December.”

But first their play must back up their talk. Being “locked in” Monday through Friday only goes so far.

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