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Russell Wilson googled Heinz Field as…

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Russell Wilson googled Heinz Field as...

There are very few NFL stadiums that Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has not played in. Heinz Field, the home of the Pittsburgh Steelers, is one of just four remaining stadiums that has not been graced by Wilson’s presence.

The always enthusiastic Wilson is excited to cross another stadium off his list on Sunday.

“I’m excited to go to a new place,” Wilson said on Thursday. “You know me, I look up what the field looks like, figure out where the clocks are, kind of get used to it in my mind now. I’m practicing there already. I think as cool as go throughout your career you get to play all of these teams, different places, and that’s one of my favorite parts of playing in the National Football League- traveling and going to different cities and playing at different venues. I love playing on the road, homes always the best but, just going on the road playing at different stadiums and different venues, it’s the best thing about it.”

Wilson clarified he uses Google images to find the playclocks at new stadiums, but said he likes to watch games in order to get a sense of the crowd noise, stadium traditions, and various other intricacies that he hopes will keep him on his toes for gameday.

“Most of the stadiums I kind of know just because I watch a lot of football but, you kind of feel what the crowd does and all that kind of stuff,” Wilson continued. “I think in the third quarter they played one of their legendary songs, I forget what it is right now, I want to say “Thunderstruck,” but I don’t think it’s “Thunderstruck.” It’s “Renegade.” So, that’s going to be cool. It’s certain things that each stadium does and that’s the cool part about it so, I’m looking forward to all that kind of stuff.”

Wilson will get to see Heinz Field with his own eyes, and not through a screen, on Sunday at 10:00 a.m. PT when the Seahawks take on the Steelers.

Russell Wilson googled Heinz Field as visualization technique

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