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Robert Quinn situation shines light on a dark…

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Robert Quinn situation shines light on a dark...

Dallas Cowboys’ pass rusher Robert Quinn was already out with a broken hand. Now suspended, it will really shine bright on several Dallas faults.

The Dallas Cowboys are a very interesting team. They are this way for many reasons, that include their flamboyant owner that we all love so much, the fact that T.V. Networks practically salivate over landing the rights to all things Cowboys which include the games, and even the fact that Cowboys players both current and former oftentimes become stars outside of the gridiron.

There is something else that is very interesting about the Cowboys though. For a long time, I have called them an ensemble or organizational personification of Murphy’s Law. In case there is an unfamiliarity with what that law says, here it goes.

According to Webster’s Dictionary, Murphy’s Law is an observation that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. This is and has been the Dallas Cowboys for a very long time.

To give a couple of blatant examples, look back to the 2014 NFC Divisional Game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Green Bay Packers. Dez Bryant not only caught the ball then but has since been ruled to have caught it based on the updated rules in the NFL. What could have gone wrong that day, did, and on more occasions in that game than just the huge one mentioned above.

Think back to the 2006 NFC Wild Card against the Seattle Seahawks. With a minute and fourteen seconds left in the game, a field goal to go up two points would have all but sealed the game for the Cowboys. A botched snap cost them the game, but again in thinking about the general routineness of the field goal sequence, it was a Murphy’s Law situation.

To the latest example, the Cowboys brought in Quinn from the Dolphins this past offseason, which was a great move then and still is even with the current circumstances. Still though, what happens? Murphy’s Law first rears it’s head when Quinn breaks his hand during training camp, which would have already cost him the remainder of that preparation period.

It is then later in the week that we find out that he is now facing a two-game suspension for testing positive for a performance-enhancing drug. Murphy’s Law at it’s finest. For what it’s worth, Quinn’s agent has laid out quite a convincing reason for the substance being in his test sample, although that probably won’t help.

That isn’t the totality of it though, the bad continues. With Quinn’s injury, that now presents questions about the Cowboys pass rush or lack thereof, at least until Quinn is eligible to return.

There are bodies available, most notably one Taco Charlton, who some have even pondered on whether he will even make the team or not. The Cowboys definitely need help from their 2017 first-round pick though, especially one with his physical gifts.

Another place to look is Randy Gregory. Although he reportedly “hasn’t applied for reinstatement” yet, he has indicated that he wants to return to the Cowboys this season.

It would be wise to wait and see what happens with Josh Gordon and his attempt to be reinstated, which would give a fair estimate of what to expect. Gordon is another talented player who has had his share of substance abuse-related suspensions to deal with, which is why it’s a good case to follow for enlightenment and comparison on Gregory’s possible return.

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The Dallas Cowboys need to figure it all out. While SportsDay of the Dallas Morning News has reported on Dorance Armstrong being a pass-rushing revelation, he is the lone bright spot among the group right now. Other than Armstrong though, considering Robert Quinn, Randy Gregory, and Taco Charlton, this is why Quinn’s situation has shined a light on a dark place for the Cowboys.


Dallas Cowboys: Robert Quinn situation shines light on a dark place

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