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Projecting the Atlanta Falcons’ starters on…

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Projecting the Atlanta Falcons’ starters on...

The Atlanta Falcons have put the injury plagued 2018 season behind them and are looking forward to a better, healthier, and more productive outing in the 2019 campaign.

So far, the team has been making a number of transactions, both onto and off of the roster, that they believe will help them reach that goal.

In the NFL Draft this year, the club acquired a few defensive prospects who they hope can give their starters some competent reserve talent in case of another bad injury spell.

A pair of cornerbacks heard their name called by Atlanta, including Kendall Sheffield from Ohio State and Jordan Miller from Washington, in addition to defensive end John Cominsky.

But the Falcons are looking to get the most contribution from their proven stable of starting play makers on the defensive side of the ball and get this team back into contention.

Here is a rundown of the Falcons’ starting players on defense as of right now.

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