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Nevin Lawson suspended one game for using helmet a…

Nevin Lawson suspended one game for using helmet a...

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It was barely noticed because so much else was going on in the NFL on Sunday, but Raiders cornerback Nevin Lawson was ejected just before the Broncos’ final kneeldown in Sunday’s game in Denver. Now Lawson has been suspended as well.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that Lawson has been suspended without pay for taking off his helmet and swinging it at someone. NFL VP of Football Operations Jon Runyan issued the suspension.

Lawson getting only one game may sound like he got off light compared to Myles Garrett, who got six games for swinging Mason Rudolph‘s helmet at him. The big difference is Garrett connected with Rudolph’s helmet-less head, which made his infraction quite a bit worse.

Although Lawson is technically still a Raider, he becomes a free agent in March. If Lawson doesn’t win his appeal, his 2020 team will have to do without him in Week One.

Nevin Lawson suspended one game for using helmet as a weapon

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