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Myles Garrett fined, suspended indefinitely…

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Myles Garrett fined, suspended indefinitely...

The NFL handed down swift suspensions and fines for those involved in the Myles Garrett on-field fight on Thursday night.

Less than 24 hours since we saw one of the ugliest fights in recent NFL memory, the NFL has handed down fines and suspensions to those involved in Thursday’s on-field brawl.

In case you missed it, the Cleveland Browns’ Myles Garrett was seen tearing the helmet off the head of Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback, Mason Rudolph and then hitting him in the head with it. Other players leaped to the defense of their quarterback and in turn, will also receive punishment according to the NFL.

Both teams have been fined $250,000 for their roles in the incident that occurred in the final eight seconds of the Thursday Night Football game. In addition to the fines, Browns’ players Garrett and Larry Ogunjobi have been suspended without pay. Also included in the suspension was the Steeler’s Maurkice Pouncey, who was seen kicking Garrett when he was on the ground.

Garrett has been “suspended indefinitely — at a minimum for the remainder fo the regular season and postseason.” He must meet with the commissioner’s office before being reinstated. He was also fined an additional undisclosed amount.

Pouncey was suspended three games and he was also fined an additional undisclosed amount. Fans have already lept to his defense to raise money for his fine, which they feel is unwarranted.

Ogunjobi was suspended just one game and fined an additional undisclosed amount for “shoving an opposing player to the ground during an altercation.”

The suspensions can be appealed. Both the Browns and Steelers are currently working to keep themselves in the AFC playoff picture and the suspensions could turn out to have significant ramifications for both teams. The Browns won last night’s game to get to 4-6. The Steelers dropped to 5-5.

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Myles Garrett fined, suspended indefinitely following brawl

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