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Mitchell Trubisky will go to London, but won’t…

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Mitchell Trubisky will go to London, but won’t...

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All things considered, the news could have been a lot worse for the Bears.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, quarterback Mitchell Trubisky should be back “sooner rather than later” after his left shoulder injury Sunday.

The initial MRI results showed a dislocated left shoulder and a slight labrum tear, but the initial belief is that he doesn’t need surgery.

While he’s not likely to play against the Raiders in London this week, he is going to travel with the team.

UPDATE 1:11 P.M. ET: Via J.J. Stankevitz of, Bears coach Matt Nagy wasn’t prepared to go that far, saying: “Somebody knows more than me. . . . We literally are going to wait for more.”

Mitchell Trubisky will go to London, but won’t play

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