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James Bradberry wants long-term deal with…

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James Bradberry wants long-term deal with...

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Panthers cornerback James Bradberry said he would play under the franchise tag. The Panthers, though, aren’t expected to use it on him, Alaina Getzenberg of the Charlotte Observer reports.

That’s just fine with Bradberry, of course.

Despite free agency meaning he likely will leave Carolina, Bradberry wants the security he surely will find on the market. He ranks 32nd on PFT’s list of top-100 free agents.

“Ideal would be a long-term contract, just so I could have some security,” Bradberry said. “That’s ideal.”

Bradberry, whom the Panthers made the 62nd overall choice in 2016, is ready for the “second stage” of his career . . . wherever that takes him.

Bradberry said he is not stressed over not knowing where he is going to be next season. Free agency is nothing compared to playing cornerback in the NFL.

“Not living up to expectations, not living up to your potential, letting your teammates down,” Bradberry said when asked about what makes him stressed. “getting scored on by Julio [Jones], Mike Evans, Michael Thomas. It’s a lot. Getting injured.”

His future is not totally in his hands, but Bradberry is patient, knowing he likely gets exactly what he wants in free agency.

James Bradberry wants long-term deal with somebody, anybody

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