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How will the Packers contain Russell Wilson?

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How will the Packers contain Russell Wilson?

How happy are you to have a late Sunday game at home, and not worry about the travel back?

From a work standpoint I wish the game were earlier on Sunday, but I’m certainly glad it’s at home.

With all the talk about containing Wilson and keeping him from picking up key 1st downs by scrambling, it seems people are sleeping on the mobility of the other QB in this matchup. A few key 3rd down conversions by Rodgers’ legs will be the difference in this one.

Certainly could. I’m sure a week off doesn’t hurt for any QB at this stage of his career.

How impressed are you with watching ML develop right before our eyes? Talk about being in the moment. He is still a “rookie” head coach operating on razor thin margins. I am thrilled for him and glad we are on this side of close games.

For as much as he’s developed through the year, he’s also remained very consistent in his approach and mentality. That certainly resonates with the players. He’s not changing his stripes week to week to fit a certain mood. That matters.

Do you think King and Alexander can contain Metcalf and Lockett?

It depends if they have to guard them for 4-5 seconds or 8-9 seconds. The pass rush, Wilson’s scrambling, everything goes together.

I don’t believe anyone predicted the Packers would be playing in the playoffs at the beginning of the year—let alone at home. Are we sorta playing with “house money” at this point?

No one in the locker room feels that way, believe me. Opportunity is knocking.

Can I submit a motion for Saturday’s Inbox to say nothing but “Just beat the Seahawks”?

You’ll have to take that up wit Wes. Saturday is his day.

Mike, it’s only been one regular season but how would you rate ML leadership in this organization so far?

The results speak for themselves. He’s done an outstanding job. In addition what I already mentioned, he’s been willing to point the finger at himself publicly several times. I think that goes a long way with players as well. I’m sure the players are getting their share of the blame in the film room, so he’s not exonerating anybody just because he says he needs to do a better job. But he stresses the accountability of everyone.

How do you feel the environment around the players this days, I think after most of them were left out of ProBowl votes, there’s like a quiet vengeance coming?

I think the whole Pro Bowl snub storyline is overblown, frankly. The focus is on the playoffs and playing for a championship. It’s not about vengeance or proving anything. It’s about making the most of what’s in front of them.

Do you think we win if Aaron Jones has more than 150 yards from scrimmage?

Hi Mike – Do you think Rodgers and the rest of the team will use the outside noise about them being the “worst 13-3 team” as motivation? Historically, Rodgers tends to play better with a chip on his shoulder, but that hasn’t necessarily been the case this season.

Again, I think that kind of stuff is fun to talk about on the outside, but it gets overblown, because inside that’s not really the case. Individuals are motivated by different things, so maybe some latch onto that. Whatever it takes I guess.

Did you make a New Year resolution to not take Wes’ lunch 🙂

With the talk of missed opportunities over the last few weeks, what signs are you looking for in practice to see if the offense has put those lapses behind them and are bringing their A game this week?

We don’t get to watch any of the 11-on-11 work in practice, only individual drills, so I can’t speak to that.

Mike, any concerns as this is ML’s first playoff as head coach?

Not really. He coached in a Super Bowl with the Falcons three years ago. Yes, the head job is different, but he knows what these environments are like.

Do the Smiths have the agility to sack a mobile quarterback like Wilson?

Sure they do, but they have to be smart in how they attack him.

I think its been said that the Packers are going to focus more on the offensive plays that have worked this season. What type of approach to the gameplan chnages in that regard? A shorter playlist?

It’s more about certain concepts, or segments of the playbook, that have produced success. You zero in on those and then maybe find more plays to run that are based on those concepts.

Can we contain Russell Wilson on the broken plays, and will our cornerbacks and defense not give up the long ball yardage as we have this year more than a few times?

The Packers have done a great job late in the season cutting down on the explosive plays allowed. There were a couple in the first half at Detroit, but otherwise over the last month they’ve been minimal. It’s been a huge improvement, and the unit has to keep that going. Pettine pointed to communication across the entire defense as the most important element to get that fixed.

All the focus seems to be on Metcalf and Lockett, what other receivers/TEs could be a challenge?

Wilson certainly looks to Hollister plenty. He’s gotten a lot of action in their last two games, which I watched pretty closely.

Mike, what do you feel is the identity to this 2019 Packers team?

Being the better team in the fourth quarter and finding a way to win.

How does the health of the offensive line look at the midpoint in the week?

Definitely better than last week. Everyone except Elgton Jenkins (illness) was practicing in some capacity on Monday after four starters sat out the two practices last week.

Mike, I remember as a young man the worst football season I was a part of. We had a very talented squad but everyone was playing for themselves. Not a lot of “team” mentality. How much of this has contributed to the Packers success this year?

It’s been significant. You don’t hear the Smiths talking about who has more sacks except in the playful sense. Adams didn’t get as many touchdowns this year because a lot more were going to Jones, but he didn’t care. No one got too worked up about the Pro Bowl or All-Pro stuff. They’re just focused on winning.

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