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“F–k the NFL” – ProFootballTalk

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“F–k the NFL” – ProFootballTalk

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And there goes any chance receiver Antonio Brown ever had of playing in 2019, or possibly ever again.

Mercurial receiver Antonio Brown, with a meeting at 345 Park Avenue only a week away, has gone unhinged again on Twitter, with this message: “Imagine conforming to a system giving it a 100 percent to see them treat me like this is unfairly [sic]! Making money of my swear and blood. F–k the NFL I’ll never play in that sh-t treat black people the worse [sic]! Clear my name and go f–k your self.”

It’s unclear why Brown has blown a gasket this time. His long-anticipated interview with league officials investigating him under the Personal Conduct Policy for civil allegations of sexual assault and rape will occur, a necessary step toward his eventual return to football. Apart from his obvious frustration at the delay in scheduling the meeting, something apparently has happened to make him think that he won’t be getting a fair shake, and/or that the NFL already has made up its mind.

Regardless, Brown’s latest message to the league will do nothing to enhance his chances of playing again this season. And while he has blown hot-and-cold about returning to the NFL since being cut by the Patriots, Brown needs to be very concerned that, this time, he has obliterated into smithereens the bridge back to pro football at its highest level.

Antonio Brown: “F–k the NFL”

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