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Eagles release Nigel Bradham – ProFootballTalk

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Eagles release Nigel Bradham - ProFootballTalk

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Nigel Bradham wasn’t going to be with the Eagles next year anyway.

Now, he gets a head start on free agency.

The Eagles announced they had released the veteran linebacker.

Yesterday, the word was that they weren’t picking up his 2020 option, which would have forced him to wait until the start of free agency on March 18 to find a new home. Now, he can sign well before then.

The 30-year-old Bradham would have cost them $8 million in base salary this year. He played well in the 12 games he started, but the Eagles obviously didn’t find him to be cost-effective, and apparently plan to be active enough in free agency that the comp pick formula won’t be a factor.

Eagles release Nigel Bradham

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