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Dallas Cowboys find themselves on the ropes early…

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Dallas Cowboys find themselves on the ropes early...

After a good start to the season, the Dallas Cowboys find themselves on the ropes five games into 2019. Here is why it is too soon to panic.

Two weeks ago, the Dallas Cowboys looked unstoppable. After three straight wins, the team was riding high. Today, there are nothing but questions. Following the 12-10 loss in New Orleans, people were concerned about the regression of the offense. There were questions about the play-calling, the quarterback and the offensive line.

Today, the questions surround the defense. What happened to the linebackers who were supposed to be so great? Where did the pass rush go? How can they not stop these guys after giving up less than two touchdowns per game in 2019?

The loss to New Orleans planted seeds of doubt. Sunday’s embarrassing 34-24 loss to Green Bay has sprouted weeds all over a once pristine landscape.

The Dallas Cowboys have problems, most all of which are of their own doing. All of a sudden, there is no cohesiveness. One week the defense shows up, only to be punked time and again the next week, incapable of stopping a nose bleed, let alone a running back. One week after a game in which they managed just 257 yards, the Cowboys explode for over 560 yards.

Injuries, most notably along the offensive line, are starting to pile up. Last week, left tackle Tyron Smith suffered a high ankle sprain. This week, right tackle La’el Collins sprained his MCL.

The “gimme” wins are just about over. After the Jets this week, the Dallas Cowboys have the Eagles, Vikings, Lions and Patriots in four of the next five weeks. The talk is out there. This team can’t beat a good team. Perception becomes reality in these scenarios until you do something to change the narrative.

While the sky is falling in Dallas, it does need to be mentioned that it is early in October and the Cowboys still are atop the NFC East. It also should be noted that there is not a team in the NFC, aside from possibly San Francisco, that has not looked bad at some point already this season.

The Saints were blown out by the Rams, who were beat down by Tampa Bay in Los Angeles. The Eagles have been down by double-digits at some point in every game, except for last week versus the Jets.

Green Bay’s defense is questionable at best. The Seahawks got blown out at home by New Orleans. Carolina already has two home losses. Detroit blew a big lead and ended a game in a tie with a team who won their first game this week.

Every major contender has had an early misstep. The Dallas Cowboys are not alone in this journey. After three good weeks, they have had back-to-back bad ones. There is time to right the ship, plenty of time in fact.

The pieces are there. In a game where they found themselves down 31-3, the leaders on this team did not quit. Quarterback Dak Prescott, receiver Amari Cooper and running back Ezekiel Elliott led a vigorous comeback that fell just short.

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There are definitely things that need to be cleaned up. Hopefully the Dallas Cowboys can right the ship and get back on track. A win next week against the Jets will help but it won’t be for another two weeks before the next challenge appears for Dallas to vanquish.


Dallas Cowboys find themselves on the ropes early in 2019

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