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Dallas Cowboys coaching staff wastes Dak…

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Dallas Cowboys coaching staff wastes Dak...

The Dallas Cowboys coaching staff wasted an all-time performance by Dak Prescott. With the loss, the team fall to 5-4 and is tied for the NFC East lead.

The Dallas Cowboys lose a heartbreaking game on Sunday Night Football to the Minnesota Vikings, 28-24. Dak Prescott was nothing short of magnificent. The Cowboys quarterback threw for 397 yards and three touchdowns and was on fire all night.

The Cowboys had to play catch up once again tonight finding themselves in a 14-0 hole right out of the gates, as the defense could not contain Vikings running back Dalvin Cook. Minnesota’s running game did anything and everything they wanted to all night and the Dallas defense had zero answers.

Dallas’ running game was absolutely pathetic. Running back Ezekiel Elliott could not get anything going all night and it often resulted in the Cowboys having to convert on 2nd/3rd and long. Luckily for Dallas, Prescott had what I think is the best game of his career. He was making big-time plays all night and was putting the Cowboys in the position to win. He was amazing tonight,

The last drive of the game, the Prescott marches the Cowboys all the way down the field and the offense finds themselves at 2nd and 2 on about the 10-yard line. Personally, I understand running the ball on 2nd and 2, you want to bleed the clock and hopefully, the defense is expecting a pass.

After a gain of nothing, you are facing a 3rd and 2 and you would expect to put the ball in the hands of your quarterback who has been outstanding all game. Nope, you draw up another running play?!

After you have not been able to get a solid gain all night, with the game on the line, you run the ball again? Give the ball to Prescott, and let him work. He has shown all night he will make the big-time play.

The again on fourth down, you run Elliott on an out-route? Why? Put him in the backfield, let him block, and let your receivers find a way to get open. It was absolutely horrendous, especially that 3rd and 2 play. Simply mind-boggling.

Then to cap it all off, you tell return man Tavon Austin to fair catch the ball. The main reason Tavon is on the roster is because of his ability to return kicks and make plays in the open field.

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This game falls on Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett. Yes, the defense struggled, but they made the plays and got off the field when they needed to. This one hurts, to say the least. Off to Detroit.

Dallas Cowboys coaching staff wastes Dak Prescott’s stellar performance

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