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Can the Dallas Cowboys get back on track against…

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Can the Dallas Cowboys get back on track against...

The Dallas Cowboys have lost two straight games. Although this seems troubling, they have had success in the past after losing twice in a row.

After starting out the season 3-0, the Dallas Cowboys have lost two straight games, finding themselves at 3-2 and tied with the Philadelphia Eagles for first in the NFC East.

With the New York Jets on the schedule this week, the Cowboys should have no problem getting back on track. The Jets, currently sitting at 0-4, are one of the NFL’s worst teams this season. This should be a productive week as Dallas will look to make adjustments offensively after a couple of bad weeks on that side of the ball.

Should Cowboys fans panic after the second straight loss? Probably not. Although losing two games in a row should call for adjustments on both sides of the ball, Dallas had a similar problem last season.

The 2018 Dallas Cowboys lost back-to-back games midway through the season in similar fashion. How did they respond? Dallas would go on to win eight of their next nine games, including a playoff win against the Seattle Seahawks.

In the first loss of this season, the Cowboys looked great on defense. Against an explosive New Orleans Saints team, even with a backup quarterback, the Cowboys only allowed 12 points all game. Alvin Kamara was held to under 100 rushing yards and Michael Thomas was held to under 100 receiving yards.

The issue in that game, rather, was the offense. Dak Prescott threw for one interception and zero touchdowns, while Ezekiel Elliott was held to just 35 yards on 18 carries.

Heading into the second loss of the season, the Cowboys looked bad on both sides of the ball. Although the final score was 34-24 in favor of the Green Bay Packers, Dallas found themselves in a hole down 24-0 at one point.  This goes to show just how poorly both the offense and the defense performed last week.

Sometimes, a game against a poor team like the Jets can be a turning point in the season. After seeing what did and didn’t work against two good teams like New Orleans and Green Bay, the Cowboys have had a full week of practice and now have a matchup against a team they should handle easily.

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With a big week in New York, getting back on track, the Dallas Cowboys will have another full week to work and tweak anything they need to before going facing the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 7 in a battle for the top spot in the NFC East.

Can the Dallas Cowboys get back on track against the New York Jets?

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