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Antonio Brown’s latest helmet grievance hearing is…

Antonio Brown’s latest helmet grievance hearing is...


And now we play the waiting game. Again.

Antonio Brown Helmet Grievance 2.0 went to Antonio Brown Helmet Grievance Hearing 2.0 on Friday. It’s already over, per multiple reports.

A decision is expected next week.

Brown’s first helmet grievance went to a hearing two weeks ago. Three days later, Brown lost.

The second grievance is much stronger than the first one, primarily because the first grievance was so weak. This time around, Brown essentially is claiming that the NFL has tried to ban the Schutt AiR Advantage on the fly, without giving him the same one-year grace period that others (like Tom Brady) received when their preferred helmet models were banned in 2018.

It’s a solid argument, and the arbitrator is neutral and independent. But it still seems like an uphill climb for Brown, primarily since the NFL always seems to win.

Antonio Brown’s latest helmet grievance hearing is over

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