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After extra week off, Seahawks’ Ed Dickson is…

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After extra week off, Seahawks’ Ed Dickson is...

The Seattle Seahawks are set to face off against the San Francisco 49ers Week 10 when the two division rivals will meet for the first time this season.

The 49ers lead the NFC West at 8-0 and also remain the league’s only unbeaten team this year. Seattle, however, holds the NFL’s best Monday Night record, at 24-10 all time.

“This is a high-tech team, they’re on their stuff; their schemes, their principles are really good,” coach Pete Carroll said Monday. “They’ve always been that, they just had trouble getting it all together and getting their wins but, they’re together now ….

After extra week off, Seahawks' Ed Dickson is ready to help Seahawks

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