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Aaron Rodgers sees pieces falling into place on…

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Aaron Rodgers sees pieces falling into place on...

“I think we have a lot of confidence. You have to play with confidence,” Linsley said. “We’re looking to go into this season starting fast and continuing on that pace, but always having that mindset that we can grow and continue to get better, and continue to get better.”

While Rodgers, Jones and Williams likely won’t see the field this preseason, Green Bay’s starting offensive line and receiving corps played two series against Baltimore two weeks ago, providing some added comfort with LaFleur’s scheme.

Right tackle Bryan Bulaga, now in his 10th summer in Green Bay, said his head was “spinning” a little when the offense was first installed in the spring but understands now how all the pieces fit together.

“I feel really good about where we are and what we could become this season,” Bulaga said. “The more you run it, the more you run it against unscouted looks, different looks, not only from our defense but other defenses around the league, and you see it on tape and you see the adjustments that need to be made, I think we’re comfortable with the way it’s been coming along.”

LaFleur is confident the Packers’ starters will be ready for Week 1, crediting the joint practices Green Bay held against the Houston Texans earlier this month and the team’s competition periods that were prevalent throughout training camp.

Regarding Rodgers being among the few NFL quarterbacks yet to play this preseason, LaFleur believes every NFL team must do what’s best for its own situation. Based on his conversations with Rodgers, LaFleur feels good about where things are with both the quarterback and the offense.

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